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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Lead Generator?

The Lead Generator is a system that enables you to generate highly qualified sales leads for your business quickly, efficiently, inexpensively, and at low risk. It can also help you save time and money, while helping you increase your market share and your profitability.

The Lead Generator consists of the platform, as well as the business processes employed to use it.

How does The Lead Generator work?

The Lead Generator works by enabling you to leverage information that you own (e.g. information about your company, its needs and contacts) to get information that you want: Access to real decision makers who need your company's products and services, and who want to talk with you about how you can help.

Under the hood, the database contains information that its users upload about their companies, in order to get access to that same type of information uploaded by other users about other companies.

For example:

  • If you want to see what other companies need to buy, you have to put your own company's purchasing requirements into the system.
  • If you want to see what other companies make and/or sell, you have to put into the system what your company makes and/or sells.
  • If you want to see the contact information for other users, you have to put your own contact information into the system.
  • If you want to see the Organization Charts of other companies, you have to put in your own company's Organization Chart.
  • If you want to see other users' contacts, you have to put your own contact list into the system.
  • And if you want to see leads posted by other users, you have to put in leads of your own.

You also need to keep your information up-to-date, respond to inquiries, and correct "flagged" data.

How much does the Lead Generator cost?

Access to all functions within the Lead Generator, including searching for sales leads, is FREE.

How is the Lead Generator different from other solutions?

The major differences between the Lead Generator and other solutions are: 1) the higher quality of the leads on the Lead Generator, and 2) the lower cost of the leads on the Lead Generator. Unlike other solutions, the leads on refer you to decision makers who have a specific need, and who want to talk with you about how you can help. And the information is free. The only caveat is that you have to be willing to post your own needs, and be willing to talk to potential vendors, in order to get access to the system.

Other solutions, such as primary market research, may be able to produce leads that are of similar quality; but it often costs tens of thousands of dollars per-lead. Leads services can occasionally produce leads of similar quality; but the leads are often sold to multiple vendors for thousands of dollars per-lead, and they put you in a bidding war that diminishes margins. Telemarketing, pay-per-lead and other direct marketing solutions can produce leads of a lower quality, for several hundred dollars per lead. And SEO, SMM, SEM and other inbound solutions can produce leads of poor quality for anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per-lead, but they are rarely worth even that.

Only the Lead Generator can produce leads of such high quality, for such a low cost.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription to the Lead Generator at anytime by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link, under the "My Info" tab. You will be asked to enter your UserName and Password in order to insure security. And if you then click on the "Unsubscribe" button, all of your company's data will be removed from the system, your account will be deleted, and any billing (i.e. if you have a Support Account) will stop as of that day.

What is the Lead Generator's refund policy?

Since a subscription to the Lead Generator is free, there is nothing to refund.

If you have subscribed to a Support Account and you want to cancel your Support subscription, you can do so at anytime. and recurring billing will be terminated starting with the next billing cycle. Also, you may downgrade a Support Account to a free account at anytime.

What if I don't want to enter my company's information?

The Lead Generator can provide highly-qualified leads (and do so inexpensively) because its users recognize that the cost of posting their information (which is the source of the leads) is trivial compared to the value of what they can get out of it. If you do not feel comfortable participating in this kind of information exchange, there are many other services you can use to market your business (advertising, telemarketing, direct mail, networking, etc.) But we believe that you will find them all to be far more expensive and far less effective than the Lead Generator.

Am I going to get a lot of phone calls and emails?

No. The Lead Generator has its own internal Messaging subsystem that users use to communicate with one another. If you choose not to post your contact information, the only emails you’ll receive will be from the system telling you that you have a Message or Lead waiting for you on the system.

What is the Lead Generator's Privacy Policy?

Publishing certain information about your company is the foundation of the Lead Generator: In short, you have to give information to get information. By your participating in the process, you are agreeing to publish certain information about your company (i.e. its description, needs, products and services, etc.,) on the site so that you can get access to this same type of information from your potential prospects.

At the same time, there is some information that is clearly NOT appropriate for us to make public, and we will not publish it, or sell it, including your personal profile information and contact information.

As you may know, even your email address is private on the Lead Generator (unless you deliberately publish it), and you can maintain your anonymity for as long as you like. Other users can contact you only through your Lead Generator account (using the Messaging Sub-system,) unless you deliberately tell them some other way to reach you. BUt you will not be able to see their contact information if you do not reveal your own.

What (of my information) can other users see, and what can't they see?

On the Lead Generator, you have to post the following information that other users can see:

  •  Your company's description
  •  Your company's products and services
  •  Your company's needs (i.e. its procurement requirements)
  •  Your company's organization chart
  •  Your leads
  •  Your ads and brochures
  •  Your PR/blog
Other users cannot see:
  •  Your uploaded contacts (i.e. email addresses)
  •  Your funnel

What is an SIC Code?

An SIC Code is a number assigned by the US Department of Labor to every industry and function in the economy. As most commonly used, the official SIC Code system has around 800 4-digit codes to represent broad categories of products and services. For example, "2051" is the SIC Code for bakeries, "3312" is the SIC Code for Steel Manufacturers, and "0782" is the SIC Code for Landscapers. The structure of the system also allows you to differentiate between manufacturers, wholesales/distributors, and retailers. For example, "3429" is the SIC Code for furniture manufacturers, "5021" is the SIC Code for furniture wholesalers, and "5712" is the SIC Code for furniture retailers.

The Lead Generator has expanded on the SIC Code system, using up to 8 digits and 13,500 codes, plus around 20,000 NAICS Codes (the updated US DOL system,) so that you can be very precise about what you make and/or sell, and what you need. And if we don't have one in the system that describes what you make and/or sell (or what you need,) let us know and we'll add more.

But using SIC Codes and NAICS Codes makes it very easy to match your products and services to other users' needs, and vice versa - which is the goal of the system.

What if there's no SIC Code for your Company's Needs, or Products/Services?

There are currently over 13,000 SIC Codes and 20,000 NAICS Codes in the Lead Generator, but it is possible, considering the fast pace with which business is changing, that there are none that are just right for your business, either to represent its needs, or to represent its products & services.

If you want to suggest that we add a new SIC Code, simply click here and send us a note. Be sure to put "New SIC Code" in the subject. In the message, we need two things:

  • Where do you think the SIC Code should go? That is, what number do you think it ought to have, what category and/or subcategory do you think it belongs in, and what other SIC Codes should it go before or after?
  • Provide a description of the product or service. Try to keep it under 80 characters, and to include any keywords that you want people to be able to search on.

When you send it, we'll see if we can get it in. It may take a few days, and we may have to do some editing, but in most cases, there shouldn't be a problem. Once it has been added, you'll be able to select it.

I checked off Needs (or Products & Services), but they don't show up in the data base?

When you are using the Drill-down or Search methods to post your company's Needs or Products & Services, you have to remember to click the "Submit" button on the bottom of the screen in order to process the form.

If you don't hit the "Submit" button, nothing will get posted to the data base. If you merely hit the "Back" key on your browser, the form will not get processed.

Some data looks old/I've seen it before?

If this is a concern, then we have to go back over what a lead on the Lead Generator really is.

First, remember that using the Lead Generator is not like buying a database, where 95% of the data is waste (and you don't know which 95% it is.) The Lead Generator is all about quality: finding prospects who actually need your products & services, and not wasting scarce resources spamming unqualified suspects.

Second, keep in mind that every user has to update their data monthly (plus a one month grace period,) in order to maintain access to the data base. As a result, the information on the system should never be more than one-to-two months old. Considering the content, i.e. actual needs that should be orders of magnitude better than any else available.

Third, note that leads on the Lead Generator don't "age" in the way that traditional leads do -- because they're not traditional leads. Certainly there may be time-sensitive opportunities; but if they're still online, they're still hot, and still real.

Remember, leads on the lead generator are pieces of information that either explicitly identify an opportunity, or give you the ability to infer an opportunity, say, by giving you a strategic contact, or telling you enough about a prospect to make a worthwhile inquiry about a need, for example. But leads on the Lead Generator, like all real leads, still need to be worked.

Either way, there shouldn't be any aging of your ingenuity. (If you need suggestions about how to find and work leads on the Lead Generator, you might want to take a look at Part III of the User's Guide, How to Search for Sales Leads.) If you haven't at least tried to contact the other person, there may be more to do. If they don't respond, though, you'll have a chance to rate them.

Why are your UserID and Password included in Lead Generator Notifications?

As you may have read in The Lead Generator documentation, once a day the system checks for messages, status, leads, etc., and sends emails to users as necessary and appropriate. When it does this, it looks in your User Profile to see if you checked off whether or not you want your UserName and Password included in the notifications.

Many users have asked for the system to include their UserNames and Password because they have to memorize so many different passwords, and this makes it easier for them to get back in to the system. Also, if you share your computer, it can enable you to avoid leaving it in cache.

If you don't want to include your password in the notification, you can simply check off in your Personal Profile that you don't want it included.

How can I become a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) for the Lead Generator?

In addition to helping users find highly qualified sales leads, the Lead Generator also makes an excellent addition to your product line for agents who currently sell other marketing products or consulting services. As a Lead Generator VAR, you can earn thousands of dollars a month in commissions and service revenues. If you're interested in the Lead Generator VAR program, click here, for more information.