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How It Works How It Works
All businesses grow and prosper if they can can find enough customers to buy their products or services at a high enough price, and if they can keep their expenses to a minimum. The Lead Generator - uniquely - can help you with both sides of this equation. In fact, it's built to do just that: to make you money, and to save you money.

How does it work? Consider the fact that every company - no matter how large or small - is simultaneously both a seller of products and services, and a buyer of products and services. That is, every company wants to sell their products or services, but they also need to buy lots of products and services just to operate. For example, most businesses need office space, but they may also need various types of insurance, supplies, raw materials, professional services, car leases, banking services, travel, cleaning services, marketing programs, computers, equipment, copiers and printers, utilities, Internet service, telephones, labor, subscriptions, legal services, and a hundred other products and services that show up on your Accounts Payable ledger every month.

While normally you can't get much of a return from your buying power (except, maybe, in negotiating with a particular vendor on a particular transaction,) what the Lead Generator does is enable you to leverage your buying power to increase your sales. Specifically, it lets you take advantage of the fact that you buy lots of products and services in order to put you in a position to sell more products and services. By "leveraging your buying power," the Lead Generator basically gives your something for nothing (well, almost nothing).

It's a powerful concept that will revolutionize the way you do business. But first, consider having access to a Web site where:

  • All the leads are pre-qualified; that is, the leads are to decision makers who actually need your company's products and services, and who want to talk with you about how you can help, and
  • Other companies compete for the opportunity to sell you their products and services on the basis of price, service and quality, but only when you need them.
Would that help? Wouldn't that help you increase your sales, save time and reduce your costs, and therefore result in higher market share, margins and profitability? How else can you do that for practically nothing?

But that's what the Lead Generator does. It provides you with higher sales and lower costs, at the same time, with the same system. So ask yourself: Would having qualified sales leads help you grow your sales? Of course it would. Would having multiple vendors compete for your business on the basis of price, service and quality enable you to lower your costs? Of course it would. And wouldn't the combination lead to increased profitability? Absolutely!

Further, what would it mean for you if you didn't have to cold call, knock on doors, spend hours networking online, or advertise? How would it help if you didn't have so much "waste" in your marketing program? What if you could get direct access to decision makers who actually wanted to talk to you? And what if you could spend more time closing business, and less time looking for it?

At the same time, how would it help if you had access to vendors who were willing to compete for your business on the basis of price, service and quality? And what would it mean for you to be able to reduce your costs - and grow your sales simultaneously?

That's what the Lead Generator is all about: Increasing your sales, and lowering your costs - for pennies a day.

In a sense, the Lead Generator is more than a lead generation solution. It's a system for business success.

How Does The Lead Generator Work?
Before we get to specifically how the Lead Generator works, though, let's talk briefly about what the Lead Generator isn't. To be clear:

  • The Lead Generator is NOT a mailing list of people or companies that aren't interested in your products and services. (There are plenty of those on the market that you can waste your money on.)
  • The Lead Generator is also NOT a network of people you already know. (There are plenty of these, too, that you can waste your time on.)
  • The Lead Generator is NOT a directory of suppliers that turns your company into "column fodder." (There are plenty of these, if you want, too.)
  • And it isn't a database of stale, so-called "sales leads" that you can just pluck without putting your own information in. (Do you really want to call someone who's been called fifty times already on the same thing?)
  • In fact, the Lead Generator is NOT a list of any kind. It is a "lead generation system" - a process as much as, or more than, a database.
What do we mean by that? First off, let's talk about the name: What does "Lead Generator" actually mean? Very simply, it means it's a "process or system for producing leads," specifically sales leads (but other kinds of leads, as well.) And like any other generator that turns one form of energy (e.g. mechanical energy) into another form of energy (e.g. electric energy), the Lead Generator turns one form of information (e.g. information that you have in your head,) into another form of information - the kind that you want (e.g. sales leads).

Let's be clear, though. Like any other generator, you have to make some effort (albeint very little,) to get results (i.e. you have to put something in, in order to get something out.) An electric generator, for example, doesn't "create" energy; it merely "converts" it into something useful. Likewise, the Lead Generator converts "useless" information (e.g. your needs) into "useful" information (e.g. other people's needs). But the multiplier effect is enormous, because of the value (to other people) of what you know; and so the ROI is similarly enormous.

As a result, what you get out of it is far more valuable than what you put into it - just like a real generator.

Anyway, deciding to use the Lead Generator is really deciding to adopt a new, or at least an additional, business process. In fact, you could view it as a new prospecting habit that you can incorporate into your daily sales or marketing job (as well as a new buying habit to be incorporated into your problem-solving processes).

In other words, using the Lead Generator is not a "once and done" kind of thing; it's an ongoing, interactive process. You'll want to come back to the site and work the process - several times a week if you want to really grow your business. But because this process lets you leverage your buying power (by giving you access to other companies' information in return for their getting access to your company's information,) the results can be astounding. And it is far faster, more effective and less expensive than any other method for finding new sales, reducing your costs, and maximizing your profitability.

One way that some people think about the Lead Generator is to think of it as a "dating site" for businesses - a site that matches your company's offerings with the needs of other companies, while it matches other companies' offerings with your needs. But from your perspective, the way it works is that you simply "trade" access to information about your company's needs in order to get access to other companies' needs, who you can then contact in order to make the sale. But by using the Lead Generator, you save time and money, while increasing your sales, your market share, and your profitability.

What kind of information are you going to have to post? To start with, just the basics like your company description, a list of the products and services your company sells, and a list of the products and services your company needs or buys. There are other things your can post, but the key is that the more data you post, and the more people you tell about the system, the more leads you'll get.

The Lead Generator then gives you search tools that help you find qualified prospects who need your products and services, and then contact them through the messaging sub-system.

Of course, at the same time, other users are given access to your company's information so they can try to sell to you, and compete with each other (and your current suppliers) for the opportunity to sell you the products and services you need. But it's only when you have a need, so it won't waste your time, while it helps you reduce your costs.

As a result, how can you lose?

And best of all, the Lead Generator is only $19.95 per month, or $99.00 a year! All you need to do is put in your own information.
And best of all, the Lead Generator costs a fraction of the cost of literally any alternative - less than the cost of a networking lunch. Less than the cost of a mailing list. In fact, less than the cost of a cold-call. But in return, we do your marketing for you, and you get more sales, lower costs, and greater profits!

What Do I Have to Do to Get Started?
To use the Lead Generator you don't have to share anything that isn't public information already, or information that you wouldn't share with a typical prospect or potential vendor. Thus, you have to post:

  • Your company's name, location, contacts, etc.
  • Your Company's Description
  • Your Company's Products and Services, and
  • Your Company's Needs (or purchasing requirements)
By the way, the Lead Generator uses SIC Codes and NAICS Codes to represent your company's Products & Services, and its Needs, so it works no matter what you sell, but that also makes it easy to match buyers and sellers. But everything else is "free-form" text, so it's easy to enter, easy to search, and - again - easy to match.

SIC Codes and NAICS Codes, by the way, are nothing more than a numbering system developed by the US Department of Labor that assigns a unique code to every product and service there is. Each SIC Code and NAICS Code (the latter being the "new and improved" version,) consists of a number (e.g. "632404") and a description (e.g. "Health Insurance Plans"). If you want to post something, you simply need to enter a text-string like "Health," "Health Insurance," "Insurance," "Insurance Plans," or some other appropriate combination of characters, and the system will tell you what the available SIC Codes and NAICS Codes are. You then just check off the right ones, and you're done. (You can also specify whether a need is "current" or "latent.")

There's also a place for you to run ads on the system, post a blog (like instant PR,) and post any leads you have for other people (i.e. opportunities for other people to make a sale). You can also post your company's organization chart - if you want to be able to see other companies' organization charts. (Remember, you have to post a type of data if you want to be able to see that type of data.) And there's even an onboard funnel management system to help you manage your leads, contacts and opportunities.

Once you're up-and-running, just come back to the site whenever you need to find new business, or buy something, check your messages, and update your data.

Click here for the Quick Start Guide

Is That All I Have to Do?
Besides posting your company's data, you need to tell other people about the system if you want the process to work for you. If you don't promote your participattion, then you won't get many leads. (If a tree falls in the woods, and there's no one there to hear it, did it make a sound?) Promote your participation on the Lead Generator wherever you would promote your own business - because it is, after all, your business that you're promoting. Tell people that they can find new sales for themselves on the Lead Generator; and when they post their needs - some of which will be for your products and services - you'll get the lead.

Here are some ways you can promote your participation in the Lead Generator:

  • Upload your contact list (under the My Info) link
  • Talk about it in your LinkedIn® of facebook® groups.
  • Add a link to the Lead Generator on your Web site
  • Send an invitation to your friends and colleagues
  • Mention your participation in the Lead Generator in your company's newsletter
  • Refer a friend
  • Announce your participation in the Lead Generator in your local networking meetings (e.g. Chamber of Commerce, BNI, Le Tip. etc.)
  • Put a link to the Lead Generator on your email signature
  • Mention your participation in the Lead Generator in your company's newsletter
  • Mention the Lead Generator to other sales and marketing professionals in your daily conversations as a way they can increase their own sales
Remember, the people whom you tell about the Lead Generator will join for their own reasons, which is usually to increase their own sales (which is, frankly, what they're most interested in.) But think about that: If you turn them onto a new and better way to increase their sales and profitability, won't they be appreciative? And more importantly, won't they also post their own needs - which, somewhere along the line, will be for your company's products and services? And so isn't in your best interests, as well as theirs, to tell them about it?

We'll absolutely grant that we're asking you to promote "our" product (i.e. the Lead Generator). But let's be clear: The goal of the Lead Generator is to help you find more sales - for a staggeringly low cost. This is just our way of saying "help us help you." Because we want you to succeed, and we think we have a great tool to do it.

Just to give you an idea of how few users you need in your market to find new sales, and make this pay off, in one group with only thirty users, over 50% of them were able to find new closed sales in the first month. And in another group with 80 users, over 90% were able to find multiple qualified leads every month. Surely you must know hundreds of people who are looking for more sales. Now you can turn these contacts into real revenue.

How Do I Manage This Internally?
Since the Lead Generator provides both sales leads and cost savings, some companies like to assign the task of posting Needs and searching for solutions to the CFO or Purchasing Manager, and posting Products and Services and searching for sales leads to the sales or marketing person. You can each have your own ID, and the salespeople will "get credit" for the Needs posted by the purchasing people.

You automatically get two seat-licenses when you sign up, so it doesn't cost any more to have two people on the system than one. And since there are so many uses for the system, don't limit yourself. Your success on the system is only enhanced by letting your purchasing people use it, and them telling other people about it, too.

Benefits of The Lead Generator
Why use the Lead Generator? Instead of blindly cold-calling from an unqualified list, throwing scarce advertising dollars on media that doesn't work, or networking with salespeople who only want to sell you something, now you can talk to people whom you know need your products and services, and who want to talk to you about how you can help them. Isn't that what it's all about?

As a result of using the Lead Generator, you can save time and money, while increasing your sales and market share. And instead of spending hours searching for qualified vendors, accepting limited or biased information on solutions, or leaving money on the table, now you can leverage buying power, and help your company grow and succeed - no matter what business you're in.

Because that's what The Lead Generator is all about: Your Success!

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