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Overview of The Lead Generator

The Lead Generator is a simple, but powerful, business development tool that is designed to provide you with a rich source of high quality sales leads. It also gives you access to multiple vendors who will compete for your business on the basis of price, service and quality.

As a result, you can increase your company's sales and reduce your company's costs, leading to greater profitability - simultaneously and inexpensively - like this:

What Is The Lead Generator?

At its core, The Lead Generator is simply an online information exchange where your company agrees to provide access to certain information about itself - such as what it makes and/or sells, who it is and what it needs - in order to get access to this same information about other companies. But because of this, you can get some really terrific leads - for virtually no cost.

It is other Users' Needs, though, that become leads for you, as shown in the illustration below.

By posting your data to The Lead Generator database (much of which is already out there, and the rest of which is usually easily available to you and relatively harmless for you to provide,) you get access to extremely powerful and valuable information that can help you find and close lots of new sales opportunities, while enabling you to dramatically reduce your costs of sales, marketing, finance and operations.

This means that your company can grow quickly and profitably - all because of what you already know!

A Little More Detail

The Lead Generator works because it is based on a very simple concept: Specifically, that every company is both a buyer and a seller at the same time, as shown below.

Just as every company has people who are responsible for sales - people like sales representatives, marketing associates, account exectives, and so on; every company also has lots of "buyers" - people with titles like business Owner, CFO, Controller, Maintenance Manager, Engineer, and so on. What the Lead Generator does is let you leverage your buying power, and the fact that other companies want to sell to your company, in order to get them to want to give you the information that you need (i.e. information about their needs,) in order to sell to them!

So let's say you may make "widgets." The fact is that your company also buys lots of stuff, too - things like computers, electric utilities, insurance, labor, office supplies, professional services and, of course, whatever raw materials widgets are made of. What The Lead Generator does is it lets you "leverage" the fact that you buy a lot of goods and services - in order to motivate other people to tell you what they buy, which hopefully includes whatever it is that you make and/or sell. As a result, you can find people who need what you're selling, so you can sell to them.

In that sense, The Lead Generator is basically an information exchange.

  • If you're a business owner, decision maker or corporate buyer, you can post your company's needs and wants - thereby enabling your salespeople to get access to other companies' needs and wants - so your company can more easily find them and sell to them.

  • And if you're a sales or marketing professional, you can post your company's products and services - thereby enabling your purchasing staff to get access to other companies' products and services - so they can more easily find vendors who will compete for your business on the basis of price and quality.

So What?

It will all make sense once you start using it, and there are lots of other data elements to work with, but we think you'll find that the leads you can get on The Lead Generator will be the best, most qualified sales leads that you can find anywhere. This is because with The Lead Generator the prospect actually needs whatever it is that you're trying to sell. And you get direct access to the decision maker, which means that you can follow-through, cover your bases, and close the sale.

And if you're a buyer or decision maker, you'll not only get access to multiple solution providers who will compete for your business on the basis of price, service and quality; but by posting your company's needs you'll be helping your salespeople increase their sales, too - a true "win-win!"

Having pre-qualified sales leads like those that you'll find on The Lead Generator can mean increased sales, increased revenue and a higher market share for your business - faster and with less effort and cost than with direct mail, advertising, e-marketing, networking, trade shows, cold-calling or any other type of lead generation solution. At the same time, The Lead Generator can also save your company time and money - because multiple, high quality vendors will compete for your business, so you can get the best solution for the lowest price. The result? Higher sales and lower costs - which means increased profit, and success!

How The Lead Generator Works

The Lead Generator can provide you with great sales leads and savings opportunities if you follow just three simple steps: After you (1) Register as a User, you (or, at least, someone from your company,) need to (2) Enter certain information about your company into the Lead Generator's data base. Once you finish posting this information, you'll be able to get access to the data base, and be able to (3) Search for leads and start making money. At a high level, that's all there is to it.

The "Getting Started" process, therefore, involves two steps: Registering and Entering your initial entries.

The (1) Registration step is a one-time process where you put in the following information:

  • Register as a new User (i.e. enter your name, address, contact information, etc.)
  • Register your Company (i.e. its name, location, etc.)
  • Put in a Business Card (this links you, as a User, to your Company)
  • Enter your Payment Information

If your company is already in the system, of course, then you would register as an "Additional User" under its current license in Step 1.

The (2) Enter / Update step involves an initial posting, and then a periodic updating, of the following information:

  • Your Company Description
  • A list of your company's Products & Services (using SIC/NAICS Codes)
  • A list of your company's Needs (or purchasing requirements, also using SIC/NAICS Codes)

You will also, at your option, have the opportunity to upload some additional information that can significantly increase your chances of finding qualified leads, including the following:

  • Enter your company's Organization Chart (so you can get access to other companies' Organization Charts.)
  • Post any Leads that you have (i.e. opportunities for other Users to get a sale), so you can get access to the Leads section of the database.
  • Upload your Address Book (which will enable us to solicit additional Users, and rapidly expand the database for you - and potentially entitle you to some free usage.)
  • Post any Advertisements, either free or paid, in order to increase your exposure to other Users.
  • Send Messages To and receive Messages From potential customers, vendors and other Users, as well as participagte in Forums, Chats and other Networking and Business Development opportunities.
  • Rate other Users and data, in order to enhance the quality of the data.

From a logistical perspective, by the way, if you're in sales or marketing you may want to get your CFO, Purchasing Manager or business owner to post your company's Needs (i.e. purchasing requirements) and Leads. On the other hand, if you're the business owner, CFO or Purchasing Manager/decision maker, you may want to get your sales or marketing folks to post your company's Products & Services, Company Description, or Ads. (As you can imagine, for some companies using The Lead Generator is a team effort.)

But the key is that the Needs and other data that your company puts in will be pre-qualified sales leads for other users who want to sell to your company, while their Needs (some of which will be for your products and services,) will be sales leads for you. In this way, you get to trade access to information that you have (information, by the way, that is very cheap and easy for you to provide,) in order to get access to information that you want (and that would otherwise be very difficult and expensive for you to acquire.) What could be simpler?

Benefits of The Lead Generator

So now instead of blindly cold-calling an unqualified list, throwing scarce advertising dollars on media that don't work, or networking with salespeople who only want to sell you something, now you're able to talk to people whom you know need your products and services, and who want to talk to you about how you can help - saving you time and money while increasing your sales and market share.

And instead of spending hours searching for qualified vendors, accepting limited information on what works, or leaving money on the table, now you're able to leverage your needs, and help your company grow and succeed.

That's what The Lead Generator is all about: Your Success!

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