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SUBJECT: Leverage "What You Know" to Get "What You Need"

I'd like to take a moment and thank you for being a part of my network, and to share with you a solution that I think will prove to be quite valuable in your marketing efforts.

Would you like access to an unlimited supply of real, qualified sales leads and business opportunities?

Because you are in my network of contacts, I'd like to tell you about the Lead Generator (at - the most innovative and powerful marketing solution available on the Web for growing your business and achieving success.

At the Lead Generator their singular goal is to help you grow your business. Designed to provide business professionals like you with highly qualified sales leads that can result in near-term new business, the Lead Generator can also provide you with access to multiple vendors who will compete for your business on the basis of price, service and quality - saving you time and money, even as it helps you increase your revenue and your market share.

If you're interested in finding more sales, I'd like to invite you to join me on the Lead Generator. You can access the system at Click on the "register" link, and please be sure to use the promotion code "KWW03CS" when you register so that we can be connected.

In brief, the Lead Generator is a unique and powerful online networking tool for businesses that enables you to leverage information that you have (such as information on your business, its products and services, its needs, as well as your contact list,) in order to get access to information that you need - such as information on who needs your company's products and services. So you have to put information in, in order to get information out. But this patented approach has the potential to provide you with a significant amount of new business, as well as many ways to reduce costs. Importantly, it also enables you to leverage and monetize your networks, both online and offline, all for very little cost and effort.

Getting started with the Lead Generator involves three relatively simple steps:

  1. Register at using Promomotion Code KWW03CS.
  2. Upload your company's information, of course, and keep it up-to-date once you are registered. (That's what populates the database, but it's also what will then enable you to search for leads.)
  3. Most importantly: Tell your friends and colleagues about the Lead Generator by inviting them to join - since the more users there are, the more leads there are.

If you have any questions, be sure to check out the Getting Started videos, and the Help area for more information. And, of course, if there's anything else that you need, be sure to contact me directly. But I am confident that if we work together on the Lead Generator, we can both achieve the success we're looking for!

Kenneth Michael
Director of Social Media | The Lead Generator at
Where you can turn what you know into what you need: More business opportunities!

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