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Trade Your "Needs" - for Leads! Do you need more sales? The Lead Generator can help! The Lead Generator Helps You Unlock Your Sales Potential The Lead Generator is a powerful new solution to the challenge of finding new sales. Using the Lead Generator's patented methodology, you'll quickly be able to find hundreds of real, new sales opportunities right from your computer - no matter what business you're in.
  • Connect with real decision makers who need your company's products or services, and who want to talk with you about how you can help
  • And save time, effort and money - while increasing your revenue, your market share, and your profitability!
If you need more sales, you need the Lead Generator! How It Works: The Quick Overview The Lead Generator is a unique set of tools and techniques that you can use to grow your business that is faster, less expensive, easier to implement, and far more effective than advertising, direct mail, networking, email, trade shows, social media marketing, or even cold calling. And because it enables you to leverage information that you already have, right at your fingertips, the Lead Generator lets you get what you need - more sales - for less time, effort, expense and headaches. How It Works: Click for More Detail Learn about what can do for you
The Lead Generator:
The Solution that Pays You to Grow Your Business
Now, not only can you increase your sales with the Lead Generator, but you can get paid to do it! Because telling your friends and colleagues about the Lead Generator - and inviting them to participate - is such an important part of what makes the Lead Generator system work, we'll pay you 50% of any net subscription fees of new users who join based on your referral as a bonus. After you register for, and upload your company's data to, the Lead Generator, invite your friends and colleagues to join. There are several ways to invite them (that you can read about here,) but we'll pay you a 50% Referral Bonus for up to one year as our way of saying "Thanks!" (Conditions apply.) And so now you can get paid to grow your network, and your sales! It's just like Zig Zigler said: "You can get anything in life you want, if you'll just help enough other people get what they want."

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